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Shopping list


If shopping is not always a pleasant experience, especially if you forgot that you must buy.The application is designed to replace and simplify the creation of a shopping list in the store. It is very simple and functional to use.You can create lists for different types of purchases, such as auto parts, clothing, household appliances, computer equipment, tools and other types of lists. There is a handy list of indicators of readiness, preparedness filter (ready, not ready, and all). Made using Material Design patterns.This shopping list is created to simplify and reduce the time for the store's location. These lists will save you time.You can now create, edit, delete, like baskets, and the lists with the necessary things. It is also possible to mark the goods as purchased or not purchased, then the level of interest changes the willingness of the basket of goods in the list.Celebrate goods label is purchased, you can flick of a finger to the side.List can be shared across any application for messaging, instant messengers and through social networks.